It’s been a long time…

It has been a couple of years since I have reached out with a newsletter…so let me explain…for almost 3 years I have been in one stage of grief or another…I have sat next to friends in ICU for days on end only to see them die… I held my sweet Laila girl as she took her last breath…I have received those late night calls telling me another friend has died…theres been suicides and car wrecks…cancer and “just died in their sleep”…theres been freak accidents and disease…I lost my goat to old age…and most recently the father of my children passed away, needless to say our family is devastated…I cannot  explain the depth of sadness my soul is going through..every  time I think I’ve gathered some strength…I  get hit again with another loss…I will be forever grateful that I was able to sit next to my kids father as he left this earth..but I have reached a level of grief far deeper than I have ever known…I am blessed with a loving family who have loved and supported each other through this incredibly difficult time…I have an amazing support group…friends who love me even when I try to push them away…I will find my strength again…soon…please be patient with me…throughout all of this I have neglected my business…really only doing the bare minimum…my garden is a mess…my lavender field hasn’t been pruned in 2 years…there’s empty shelves in my gift shop etc…and I haven’t sent out a newsletter in 2 years…today my day started with a memorial service for a long time friend who passed away on Tuesday…next week our family will spread the ashes of our loved one followed by his celebration of life…the hardest part of all of this is knowing that my life must go kids life must go on…we may not know how to do that…how to find our new normal…but we are strong and we shall be there for each other…so…I am doing my best to rebuild from the inside out…one day at a time…the farm will close for the season this Sunday September 22nd…open by appointment till next May…I will be at the Ladybug bazaar at Battleground high school Saturday  November 2nd…and the Prairie bazaar Saturday November 23rd…my hope is to get my little farm back in shape by next spring..until we meet again..God Bless each and every one of you..

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